How to Hurt Turco vs How to Help Turco

by Kristine

Today we’ll focus on something our D-guys seem to have a lot of problems with: helping Turco instead of hurting him. Since there’s nothing like a visual reference, let’s start out with a picture of #28, Mark Fistric.

Exhibit One. Fistric In The Crease.

Exhibit One. Fistric In The Crease.

This is a prime example of how to hurt Turco’s chances of getting to the puck. First things first. As everyone knows, one man’s butt – no matter how large – simply is not enough to stop a flying puck, no matter how far out said man tries to stick it. That being said, it’s very helpful to a) know where the puck actually is so b) you can face the right way. I’ll admit, there is something to be said for being between your goalie and the shooting opponent. The problem here is that that only works when you’re actually in a position to stop the puck. Being all up in the crease and in Turco’s line of sight, wayyyy to the left of the incoming puck? Does not qualify. Please note that while Fistric is the president of the Stand Still And Hope The Puck Hits You Club, he is far from being the only Stars defensemen to be a member. It’s a problem nearly all of our young d-guys have been having this season.

Exhibit Two. Neal Plays D.

Exhibit Two. Neal Plays D.

Here we see one of our rookie forwards showing Fistric how a real defensive play works. Neal is blocking the Devil from taking a shot while staying out of Turco’s crease. He’s not blocking the puck with his body, maybe, but he’s between the goal and the opponent. He’s limiting shot chances, and you’ll notice that he’s not doing it by simply standing where he might be in the way. He’s hauling ass, getting where he needs to be, and doing it without getting in the way of Turco being able to keep an eye on the puck.

Overall, at least in and near the crease, this is how defense needs to be played – smartly. I’m tired of seeing our d-guys just stand around and watch opposing teams take shot after uncontested shot at us. Some people are crying “Fire Tippett!” but I think defenseman coach Rick Wilson is a better target for the wrath of the fans. Show us some real defensemen out there, Wilson. Maybe then we’ll have a better chance of winning more than two in seven games.


4 Comments to “How to Hurt Turco vs How to Help Turco”

  1. I haven’t liked Rick Wilson since he took over as coach in 2002. I’m really glad that reign was shortlived. He kind of faded into the background for me since our defense was relatively solid for the years after that. Now that we have so many young guys, I understand how it could be a difficult job for anyone. Hopefully they will get in gear soon.

    I like that picture of Neal for many reasons including he’s playing good defense and his butt is pretty nice to look at 🙂


  2. I’m sure it’s a tough job but that’s why he gets paid the big bucks to do it. I’m just anxiously awaiting the return of Zubov to the line-up. I think our D needs a steady hand on the ice to guide them.

    And yes, Neal is nice to look at in general. 😉

  3. I don’t know why y’all are picking on Fistric! He has a nice rear, too. 😛

  4. This is the best post EVER. I was thinking of doing somthing like this myself. But there’s NO way I could have done it this good.

    Oh, and I vote for Neals butt, over Fistrics.

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