General Update

by Chelsea

A lots been going on lately, here at SHR! and around the hockey world in general.

Some new stuff here:

  • The About Us page has been updated semi-recently with info about us and the blog.
  • New slang! Added “playoof” to the SHR slang page.
  • Kristine updated the SHR +/- page to include a link to a nice update log.
So that’s that.
On the official Dallas Stars page, there’s the usual game recap and what not, but there are also a couple new audio interview additions. There’s one with Mike Modano, one with Ralph Strangis, and one with Les Jackson.
Oh, and guess who’s on the October 22 Hockey Show? Our very own Steve Ott! Definitely worth a watch, and three off-ice points.
For some funny videos, I present you with Hockey’s Back and a Dallas Stars Preview.
From a couple days ago, AHL/ECHL Stats Update, by Mark at Andrew’s Star Page.
Picture time!
Sean Avery takes a big hit during the 10/20 game against the Rangers. Ouch.
Sean Avery takes a big hit during the 10/20 game against the Rangers. Ouch.
Yes. Mike Modano really can fly.

In case you ever wondered: Yes. Mike Modano really can fly.

Fabian Brunnstroms... musical corner?

Fabian Brunnstrom's... musical corner? +2 off-ice points.

And finally, a very special picture!
Taken by SHR!’s Kristine, it’s one of my favorites from her Dallas Stars Hockey Flickr collection. Which, by the way, you should absolutely check out.
Marty Turco as Pooh Bear and Mike Modano as Christopher Robin in Hundred Acre Hockey. ;) Also known as Open House practice at the AAC.
Though worn and dirty they may be, we still support the gold pads over the black ones. They make him look a little bit like Pooh Bear… guess that makes Mo Christopher Robin.
That (mostly) ends my potpourri of updates!
Tonight, the Stars play the Jersey Devils in a well-hyped Avery-Brodeur showdown. Zubov, Lehtinen and Janik again will not be playing, but Petersen could be (for some info on Janik and Petersen, go here).  The game airs on FSN-SW at 6:00 CT, or you can hear it on 820 AM.

2 Comments to “General Update”

  1. Love that pic of Marty and Mo! I agree, I liked his gold pads a lot more. His new black ones are kind of plain.

    And the mean Avery-disliking side (well, probably more than a side) really likes that pic 🙂


  2. Marty and Mo are always good for sneaky photo ops at practice! I totally agree – the gold pads are just classic!

    Haha, I don’t deny that Avery deserved that hit, for sure. 😉

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