News Round-Up

by Kristine

From DMN’s Blog

…coach Dave Tippett said Jere Lehtinen will not join them on the road trip.

That’s really bad news for the Stars, who could really use Lehtinen right now.

Doug Janik took the sharp end of a broken stick in the face Saturday, but he got stitched up and seems to be OK. He will travel with the team.

Man. I was really hoping to hear good news about Lehtinen’s injury. I am glad to hear that Janik is okay, though. It looked like pretty nasty in the shot they showed of him leaving the ice.


The Stars’ rookies were supposed to complement a seasoned group of veterans. Instead the rookies are carrying the team. Fabian Brunnstrom and James Neal each scored goals and B.J. Crombeen added an assist. Six of Dallas’ 16 goals thus far have come from the rookies.

“They’ve been doing it all year,” Brenden Morrow said. “It’s the veterans that haven’t been pulling their weight … For whatever reason our top guys aren’t up to speed yet.”


Chillin’ With… Marty Turco
What Hollywood Starlette would you go out with?
“I don’t know. Honestly, I never thought about it much, but if I did it would be someone who would be way more fun than good looking.”

He seems like such a good guy. If only he was playing as well as we all know he can.


Blue Jackets’ Peca suspended for five games
Columbus Blue Jackets forward Michael Peca’s suspension without pay will last for five regular-season games for having violated Rule 41, Physical Abuse of Officials, in NHL Game 15 against the Dallas Stars on October 10.

Mr. Peca has already served two games of the suspension. He will be eligible to return on Friday, October 24, for Columbus’ game against the New York Rangers. Based on the annual average value of his contract and under the Collective Bargaining Agreement, Peca will forfeit $35,349.46. The withheld salary is contributed to the Players’ Emergency Assistance Fund.

From Dallas Morning News

Life’s a game for Dallas Star’s Avery
What to make of Sean Avery, who, soon after an introductory handshake, declared, “I make up a lot of stuff that’s not true. At the same time, I can say things from the heart.”

Avery claims he is not addicted to the limelight, but he has a personal publicist. He said that is to help guide him through the media minefield, where he turns down 85 percent of interview requests.

But he willingly sat through two interview sessions last week. Both times, he greeted the same interviewer with a smile and a handshake. He proved a model of patience, frequently compelled to explain pop culture and fashion references. The sessions ended only when there were no more questions. He volunteered a home phone number for his parents. He said he would have a friend, a two-time Academy Award-nominated actress, call to offer her perspective of what he is really like.

Catherine Keener was on the phone less than an hour later, eager to talk about “the pied piper” who led their eclectic circle of friends in New York. She called him “spiritual.” He would, she said, “take a bullet for his friends.”

Sharing contacts is not quite the action you might expect of a man who early in an interview proclaimed, “I don’t want most people to know the real me because of the persona I have built up and the character I am portraying.”

And what is that character? “A battle warrior on ice who is an ass. … That’s what I am,” he said.

In the Toronto suburb of Pickering, Al Avery took a deep breath when asked over the telephone about his oldest son.

Marlene Avery works for the Canadian government. She works with senior citizens. She used to work with the homeless. She has been meaning to talk to Sean for a couple of days, ever since she saw his interview with ESPN.

“We both want to know where he came up with the dolls stuff,” Al Avery said.

“That boy never played with a doll in his life. Why would he tell people that?” he said with a sigh that could be detected 1,200 miles away.

Sometimes he seriously reminds me of somebody with anti-social disorder.


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