Live Blogging Stars at Blues

by Kristine

7:53pm* So commercial break. Welcome to SHR’s first ever live blog! Kristine here. I missed the first seven minutes of play because getting bubble tea took a bit longer than I thought, but it doesn’t look like much happened. I did make it back in time to see Turks make an amazing save just now. Slid left in a near split, covered the puck with his leg – it was amazing. (+2) Equally amazing was his little roll off the puck. +1 on ice point for that. Oooh and Neal with a shot on goal. Go Neal!

7:56pm Ooh, blue in the net with Turco. Bet he loves that.

7:56pm Icing against the Stars.

7:58pm Love that Neal-Mo-Crombeen are together again. Neal just took a hit from somebody and the guy doing the hitting was the one who went down. Nice. (+1)

7:58pm Louibot with a floating shot on goal.

7:59pm Blues score on an ugly giveaway from Ribs (-1). 7 minutes left in the first period and it’s 1-0 Blues.

8:03pm Blues score again. Turco was so far to the front right of his crease that I’m not surprised he couldn’t cover it. He got distracted trying to play the puck and it just didn’t work out (-1). 4:40 left in the first; 2-0 Blues.

8:05pm Barch scores (+3)! Assisted by Daley (+2) and Nisky (+2). Veryyy nice. 16:36 into the first.

8:10pm 3 on 1 in the Dallas zone but Blues missed the net.

8:12pm End of the first period and we’re still down by one. At least we’ve scored in the first period. We don’t seem to do that much. Then again, looking at the stats page, neither do the Blues, and they’ve done it twice tonight.

8:15pm Oh look, Avery leads the league in penalty minutes in the last five seasons with over 800. And look, they’re playing that “Sean Avery visits some kid and plays games with him” video. Again. Cute video, sure, but who hasn’t seen it by now? Maybe Sean should do some more charity work and give them a new video to play. The Stars PR has gotta fix the image he’s trying so hard to give himself, right?

8:26pm Looking at the game summary, let’s see who’s at what +/- so far this game.
#3 Robidas -1
#10 Morrow -2
#21 Eriksson -2
#28 Fistric -1
#63 Ribeiro -2
#13 Barch +1
#17 Peterson +1
#39 Lundqvist +1

8:29pm Here we go again. Neal with a nice hit on Oshie.

8:31pm Icing against the Blues.

8:32pm I really hate our away jerseys. Could they be more boring?

8:33pm Know what else I hate? Losing. Blues score again. 3-1 at 2:57 in the second.

8:38pm Two really close shots on goal that Legace managed to keep out. I hate to say it but he’s playing much better than Turks. How is it that we’re on a power play and they’ve had possession for most of it? We really need to work on that.

8:40pm 12:30 left in the second and we’re still down by two. I was worried this might happen – we’re on part two of a back-to-back and they’re rested and on home ice. If only we would play like we did last night.

8:42pm We’re playing way too much of this game in our defensive zone.

8:43pm “Annnd Fistric. …Couldn’t make the play.” As usual these days.

8:45pm Interference penalty on Blues. Another power play for us but will we follow through?

8:45 Trying to set up. Why? Just get it to the net and have somebody there to knock it in. It’s a power play, you don’t have time to set it up. That frustrates me so much. No wonder we never score on a PP.

8:47pm Nice skating the track by Robi, of course.

8:47pm Holding penalty on Morrow. Now it’s the PK’s time to shine…

8:48pm Neal in the right place at the right time, but couldn’t quite complete. (+1) I love that rookie.

8:50pm 5 on 3 against the current best PP team in the league. Great. – Make that 6 on 3. Ugh.

8:51pm Blues score. Shocking. Oh and look who was RIGHT in front of it and didn’t stop it – Fistric. Again, shocking. (-2)

8:52pm Put Baby T in! Maybe he’ll stop more than 9 of 13 shots…

8:54pm We are falling apart.

8:58pm Offsides against the Stars.

8:59pm 5-1 – where in the world did that come from? I don’t blame Turks for not seeing that one because I don’t think anyone saw that one.

9:00pm Ralph just said Baby T might be in goal for the 3rd. Why not? It’s not like we’re tied up and it would really hurt us if he didn’t do well. At this point… I know we CAN score four times in one period but only if we’re playing well. Which we are not.

9:04pm And that’s the 2nd.

9:06pm Morrow answers why regular season games are important. What a cutie.

9:07pm They just showed Bunny’s hat trick from last night. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of seeing the pure joy on his face after goal #3.Too bad he’s been a bit MIA tonight.

9:19pm Intermission is tooooo long.

9:23pm Here we go again. Baby T in goal! Goooo Stephan!

9:25pm Time for a Dallas Stars powwwwwer play! Let’s capitalize, please…

9:26pm Halfway through the PP and no hint of a Stars goal. At least we’ve mostly had possession. Mo with a nice shot though. Also, random note, Stephan’s white pads/helmet look great with our [boring] away jerseys.

9:28pm 0 for 3 on the power plays tonight.

9:28pm Nice save from Grossman.

9:30pm I don’t even want to watch this anymore. I’m tired of sloppy hockey.

9:32pm Just to keep track, 11:16 left in the game.

9:34pm Interesting that 10 out of the 30 teams in the league have new head coaches this season. Is it sad that I care more about that than I do about this game?

9:35pm Bunny sticking with it, got a nice shot on goal. Too many Blues d-men in front of the net though.

9:37pm The Petersen-Lundqvist-Crombeen line has been working hard tonight. I wish I could say that about the rest of the guys. 9:46 remaining and it’s still 5-1 Blues. (+2 each)

9:40pm Credit where credit is due, the Blues defensemen are doing a good job of limiting our chances directly in front of the net. On the flip side, we’re still out-shooting them 25-21 (and, let me remind you, losing by 4). I know this is an unpopular opinion – and believe me when I say I love him as much as the rest of you – but Turco really needs to step it up. He’s let in far too many soft shots so far this season.

9:42pm Avery’s been a little more visible this period, but not necessarily in a positive way. More in a “he’s there, but not doing much either way” sort of way. Where’s the famous penalty-drawing chirping we heard so much about in pre-season?

9:43pm Morrow with a slashing penalty and Baby T gives up a power play goal…It’s like every PP they get on one of Morrow’s minors, they score. I’m including last night’s game in that, too.

9:44pm Every time Barch gets the puck, Ralph makes a comment about how he has our only goal for the night. Har, har.

9:45pm Daley getting attacked on the boards and the Blues prepare to go on PP. This is such an ugly loss.

9:46pm Turco looks so sad and annoyed on the bench. Good! Be mad at yourself! Play better! In the meantime, goooooo Tobias!

9:47pm Daley’s in the box for cross checking, but they have a guy in for roughing so it’s 4 on 4.

9:49pm This game needs Otter.

9:49pm Also might be nice to see some action from Lehts, and Zubie…Oh, and all the guys who are on the ice tonight and doing a whole lot of nothing…

9:51pm 2:10 left in the game and it hardly looks like we’re even trying to score again.

9:54pm Game over. Stars lose with a final score of 6-1. Will a five-point loss be the wake-up call we need so badly? Bah, Stars. Get with it! I’m so annoyed at the team. I don’t even want to talk about it

10:10pm Post-game interviews. They’re talking to Tipp about the closed-door, team-only meeting and holy cow he looks furious. And he totally just called out Marty. It’s about time somebody did.

10:15pm OMG, Morrow looks so upset. “It’s my fault.” Somebody please hug that man! (+2 off-ice for awwww.)

*All times are Central Standard Time. I would’ve gone by game time but my TV is small and it’s too hard to read the clock quickly enough for a live blog.


2 Comments to “Live Blogging Stars at Blues”

  1. that game was just downright depressing.


    in other news, i’m doing a little something for dallas stars bloggers, could i get y’alls emails? you can just email me at if you want 🙂

  2. I shot you a message on gmail. 🙂

    Depressing indeed. I can’t handle many more games like that!

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