Sean Avery Misbehaves

by Chelsea

Or, “Sean Avery Eats A Big Bowl of Stupid”.

The question everyone’s been asking since we signed Sean Avery this summer: Will he provide grit and skill, or just get himself stupid penalties?

The question everyone’s asking now: How many more stupid penalties until he learns his lesson, or until we stop trusting him enough to actually give him ice time?

During the 10/11/08 game against the Nashville Predators, a fight broke out between our BJ Crombeen and Greg de Vries. Avery, apparently getting a little Incredible Hulk with his testosterone, proceeded to get into it with Predator Dan Hamhuis. Both were handed misconducts for breaking the “second altercation” rule.

Allow me to interrupt here to say that each player is allowed two misconducts per season. The third earns them a one-game suspension. For each misconduct after that, the suspension is increased by one game.

This is important because, moments later, Avery earned himself a second misconduct. This time, he apparently persisted in disputing the official’s call.

All in all, I’m beginning to wonder how much of our A-grade pest we’ll be seeing this season.

More information here.


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