Avery Loses Points

by Chelsea

Sean agrees to do an interview. TSN shows up to do the interview. Sean walks around cursing at them and refuses to do the interview. Sean won’t pay attention to the coach. Sean is like a soap opera.

In this video (small box on the right side), we hear about how Sean Avery is bringing a certain kind of eccentric to the Dallas Stars. Personally, I’m not feeling it. You see him wandering around instead of listening to Tippett.  You see him acting like a jerk to the people from TSN. You see Morrow struggle to express his feelings for Sean in a nice, ambiguous way.

Off-Ice SHR +/- Update:

Brenden Morrow: for making such an effort to get along with and even respect someone he previously hated, and for trying to be a tolerant captain while still enforcing the rules; +5
Sean Avery: for disrespecting the team, the coaches, the captain, and TSN; -5
Marty Turco: for saying “it’s like MTV, you know, but it’s like SeanTV”; +1


4 Responses to “Avery Loses Points”

  1. Does anyone have a link to the video

  2. I could’ve sworn he was asked to NOT embarass the team.

  3. http://tsn.ca/nhl/ – “Never A Dull Moment” in their video player.

    I don’t think he knows how to do what people ask of him. His brain seems to be in constant teenage-rebel mode.


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