Another Suspension

by Chelsea

A rather odd trend is appearing in games already, having happened twice within 6 games.

As everyone probably knows by now, Blackhawks’ Ben Eager was suspended during the 10/02/08 preseason game with our Dallas Stars. Having been provoked endlessly by Sean Avery, he swung his stick at his head. He got suspended for three games.

Last night, at the 10/10/08 season opener at the AAC, it happened again. Blue Jackets’ Michael Peca is facing possibly a 10-game suspension after supposedly assaulting a linesman. According to this article, Peca was tripped up by Star Brenden Morrow, who turned around and scored. Peca’s emotions apparently got away from him, and he physically grabbed a linesman to plead his case. However, there’s speculation that he also (possibly accidentally) hit the official with his hockey stick. We won’t know until later what the official verdict is.

Nothing like some good ol’ Stars frustration.

Edit: Peca is suspended indefinitely, and will be appealing the suspension next week.


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