Sports Radio

by Chelsea

Brenden Morrow was on 104.1 The Ticket. Sadly, I missed all but the end. I did catch him saying that he felt Sergei Zubov would be back in the lineup sooner than expected. Yay, Zubie!

Now I’m listening to 103.3, off a tip from the Official Forums. Apparently, Mike Ribeiro is scheduled to be on at 2:40. It’s currently 2:35, and they’re talking about… football.

And just as I was going comatose, they announce that they’re done with football and will have Ribs after the commercial break.

Some interesting pieces from the interview:

When asked if any Dallas Stars travel with a bodyguard: “Ah.. no?”
This led to them talking about how hockey players don’t need bodyguards, because, really, who would challenge a hockey player?

When asked if he was offended by the term ‘scrappy’: “No, not really.”
Ribs apparently takes it as a compliment.

When asked about the fact they the Stars are no longer underdogs, and if they have to guard themselves from their own egos: “Well you have to… you cannot think about what you did last year and think it’s going to be as easy…”
Some nice paraphrasing, I know. Basically, Ribs was saying that they recognize it’ll still be a tough season and they’re going to focus on it one game at a time.

When asked about Sean Avery: “I think he’ll be good for the team… a lot of speed, a lot of talent. I think he’s fit in already. He’s a funny guy. He’s a different character.”
Ribs is going to teach Avery to like Prince concerts, or something. I lost what he was saying under the interviewers, who were talking over him a little bit.

Kind of a short interview. Not bad, though. The questions asked were a little lacking in the originality department, but Ribeiro did have some good answers for them.

The Stars site has a link to a Brenden Morrow interview on NHL Live (10/08/08).

It includes:
A funny chat about wanting to hit Sean Avery. Talking about the season schedule.  A little bit about the Morrow twins. Learning from the Detroit Red Wings. “You come in a little young and dumb”.

In other broadcasting news, Ralph and Razor have signed a new contract and will be with us until at least 2013-2014. This makes me (and probably anyone that’s every watched or listened to a Stars game) very very happy.


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