Quick Note

by Kristine

Question: What’s the best possible way to kick the NHL season off?

Answer: Watching Detroit open their Cup-defending season by getting scored on by one of the worst ranked teams in predictions, with their goaltender technically (although unofficially) getting the assist.

Did anyone else see that? It was beautiful. Osgood basically handed defenseman Pavel Kubina the goal. Suck on that, Red Wings. Suck on that. :]

Edit: Toronto wins 3-2! I’m so excited for them. How amazing – they beat the defending champs, at the champs’ arena, on the champs’ opening night. All of that adds up to one thing: pure awesome. I love when the underdogs come out of nowhere and kick butt like that.


One Comment to “Quick Note”

  1. Darn, I missed it! Have to go back on the dvr.

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