Why Hockey Is Like Religion

by Chelsea

So here we go. This is me trying to put my faith in the the higher-ups of the Stars franchise and not draw too many conclusions from the mad confusion that’s going on with their roster right now.

Let’s recap.

  • We’ve picked up a random goaltender from who knows where, with no explanation. Is Stephan’s spot as back-up threatened? Is it a site mistake?
  • We put Sergei Zubov on injured reserve. That’s not that surprising, though, given his hip surgery.
  • We sent James Neal and Mark Fistric back to minors. The CHL, to be exact. Except, this comes with no announcement or explanation from the management, leaving many bloggers scratching their heads.
  • Supposedly, we’ve sent Francis Wathier down to minors as well. But wait… his name is still on our roster. Chris Conner is also still on our roster. Does that mean we’re keeping him and not Neal?
  • James Neal’s name has been removed from the roster, but not Mark Fistric’s. A little unorganized maybe?
  • Apparently, we’ve also put newcomer Doug Janik, claimed from the Blackhawks off waivers, back on waivers. He’s only played one game, and he didn’t do too bad. Especially with Zubov on IR and Fistric gone, why would we get rid of yet another defenseman?
Since we have to have our roster set by tomorrow afternoon, it’s only a [short] matter of time before we know for sure what’s going on. Until then, we have no choice but to trust the judgement of Tippett and the GMs.

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