Preseason Ends!

by Chelsea

As silly as it seems to be excited for the end of our preseason when other teams have already started their actual seasons, its nice to put this awkward adjustment phase in the past! Now it’s time to finalize things, to clean up the mistakes, and get a good start to the regular season (which starts on Friday the 10th at the AAC, by the way).

Unfortunately, we did lose our last preseason game last night. I’ve heard a lot of talk about the problems with the PP and the PK and making our many, many shots actually get behind the goalie, but as much as I love Turco, I have to ask why he’s been letting in 2-3 easy shots in each game. Saving 11 of 14 shots isn’t a very pretty number. I think it comes out to a 0.786-ish save percentage. Ouch! What’s up with that?

Speaking of last night’s numbers, how ’bout them faceoffs? Ott won 11 in 12, and Ribeiro won 16 of 23. Nicely done.

I believe we still have 28 players on the roster, and we need to get it down to 23. I think it’s fair to say that Wathier, Naurov, and Vishnevskiy will be dropped back to minors within the week. That still leaves 2 extra people, however. There’s the Crombeen/Conner/Neal debate, and I know I’m rooting for Neal or Crombeen. There’s also the question of whether or not Fistric will get another chance after being called out by Tippett for a poor performance. I know I’m anxious to see the final product.

Another question: Why are we flaunting Turco, Morrow, and Richards as the face of the new legacy? Shouldn’t it be Ribeiro? Or, y’know, someone that’s actually going to score for us? Someone that’s been around longer than 8 months? Just a thought.


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